Total Quality

Total Quality

A paper boat cuts through water docking at a child's dream. This child grows and becomes an adult. First job, first car, builds a family. Though, once in a while he catches himself gazing at the horizon, as if waiting for that mighty paper boat. Aqua Yachts doesn't build boats. Aqua Yachts makes dreams come true.

Dream building begins with complete commitment to total quality. Aqua Yachts is proud of its cast, gathering the best and most knowledgeable professionals the nautical market has to offer, accurately drafted and dealt with justice, freedom and respect. Having a first-class personnel requires providing it with premium material, carefully chosen, tested and certified. Aqua Yachts strives to offer cutting edge technology combined with a unique and innovative project design, thanks to the incomparable experience of those who unquestionably expert boatbuilding. A quality service is that which is always attentive to its public and available to its customers, wherever and whenever assistance is needed.

A yacht which doesn't provide amusement, joy and freedom isn't a yacht. Aqua Yachts strongly believes that as a means of transportation a yacht is most of all a means of escape from everyday life. Such a dogged pursuit of quality stems from Aqua Yachts desire to make dreams come true.


Majoring in Engineering in 1980 Paulo Roberto Leite soon began working at Cobra's shipyard's production line, beginning his career in the nautical world. With Aqua Yachts begins a new era in the Brazilian nautical market, as a result of over 30 years designing and building self-made vessels and of deeply loving what he does best.

During the past three decades as boat projector and builder, Paulo Roberto was directly responsible for over 30 models (ranging from 30 to 60 feet) and over 7,000 built vessels. Paulo Roberto was tutored by renowned nautical market aces, such as Américo Santerelli, founder of COBRA shipyard and the Boatbuilders' Association (ACOBAR) and national boat shows' pioneer. In 1988 Paulo Roberto became Brazilian Offshore Racing champion piloting a self designed and built vessel.

Industrial Director of Cobra shipyard, during 11 years, and Runner, during 19 years, Paulo Roberto was responsible for all shipyards' designs and assembly. In the 1980's Paulo Roberto worked at internationally acclaimed shipyards, such as Riva and Cranchi, during which he attended several high performance yacht courses at the University of Rome. Paulo Roberto is a member at notable institutions, such as the Project Management Institute (PMI), the American Society of Test Materials (ASTM), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) and the Brazilian Engineering and Mechanical Sciences Association (ABECM).

After years of experience working at major nautical companies, more and more Paulo Roberto perceive the lack of quality and the need for constant improvements. Thus began his challenging project of creating a new boatbuilding brand named Aqua Yachts, setting as an objective fathoming a unique top quality product offering cutting-edginess ad sustainability.


Aqua Yachts is proud of its work philosophy. Alongside the use of top quality material and first-class manpower, providing a healthy workplace environment is paramount, enabling the optimization of workers' capacity. Meticulousness, companionship, rapport and above all love towards shipbuilding are important criteria taken into consideration while selectively hiring the best professionals the nautical market has to offer.

Encouraging knowledge exchange, forward-thinking and stimulating work appraisal, Aqua Yachts employees benefit with wages 40% above average. A mighty, closely-knit and focused team enables Aqua Yachts to assemble the high end boats it offers. Challenges are partaken at Aqua Yachts. Dreams are shared at Aqua Yachts.

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